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The documentary highlights the special challenges facing disabled female veterans as they transition from active duty to civilian life.

Alexis With Dog

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This inspiring documentary is about women warriors in their most fierce and intimate battle to overcome visible and invisible wounds ... a must see!" Alfie Alvarado-Ramos, Director, Washington State VA

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Alexis wants to get off painkillers. Mariette jumps at loud noises. BriGette won't leave her home. Lashonna does not have one. Female soldiers are serving as drivers and gunners in today's frontless wars. Sue and Alicia served together and experienced an IED explosion. SERVICE follows these women as they struggle to find their way home.

Alexis and Sue get service dogs, Mariette and Alicia go to college, BriGette finds community online and Lashonna gets a home. Each of them discusses how difficult it is for women to find safety and support within the male dominated military culture. All of the women move on, not getting over their physical and hidden disabilities, but by finding ways to live with them.

We are with these women when they go to therapy, to class, to the VA and when they are refused service because they have a service dog. We follow our women all the way to Washington D.C. where they advocate for the rights of all women veterans.

Women compose 14% of today's military forces. That number is expected to double in 10 years. Two of the vets confide in each other the horror and damage of the most pernicious issue facing one out of three women who have served: Military Sexual Trauma. Through their intimate conversation, we experience their horrific abuse up close and personal.

This is just the first wave of mothers, daughters and sisters returning home. The film does what it can to wake up a sleeping civilian population.

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The project continues

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